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  • Kelly Goode ’83, P’22 Sep 12, 2019

    TV Champion

    For someone who never read comic books growing up, Warner Bros. Television’s Kelly Goode ’83, P’22 has gone deep into the superhero canon. Read how Harvard played a role in bringing her into the DC Multiverse. Read More

  • Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization welcome back barbeque Sep 12, 2019

    Welcoming Harvard's Military Community

    The Harvard Veterans Alumni Organization and the newly formed Harvard Undergraduate Veterans Association are working to bring together veterans from all parts of the University. Read More

  • Kate Swain Smith is the fourth Harvard Presidential City of Boston Fellow Sep 11, 2019

    Making Her Hometown Better

    Kate Swain Smith AB '19 is the fourth Harvard Presidential City of Boston Fellow. A collaboration between Harvard and the City of Boston, the fellowship is designed to foster interest in, and create a pipeline to, civic-oriented careers. Read More

  • Event Horizon Telescope Director Shep Doeleman Sep 11, 2019

    Black Hole Project Wins Breakthrough Prize

    Harvard researchers are among the 347 scientists being recognized for capturing the first-ever image of a black hole. Read More

  • Photo of Angela Sun Aug 23, 2019

    Personal Philanthropy

    Walking into Harvard’s Financial Aid Office changed her life, says Angela Sun ’96, JD ’01. Read More

  • Armin Afsahi has been named chief development officer for the FAS Jun 11, 2019

    Armin Afsahi named chief development officer for FAS

    Dean Claudine Gay lauds ‘his belief in the power of discovery and innovation to effect positive change’ Read More

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